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Peach Paradise

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size: 3oz
grind: Loose leaf

This herbal blend is fruity, smooth, aromatic, and sweet. Fruity peach, sour cranberry and smooth notes of rose, creates paradise in a cup. A fantastic and refreshing cup both hot and cold.

  • What is the Peach Paradise tea blend?

    Answer: Peach Paradise is a fruity and smooth herbal blend with notes of peach, cranberry, and rose, creating a refreshing cup perfect for both hot and iced tea.

  • What is the size and form of the Peach Paradise tea?

    Answer: The Peach Paradise tea is available in a 3oz package and comes as loose leaf tea.

  • How should I serve the Peach Paradise tea?

    Answer: This tea can be enjoyed as a hot tea or a refreshing iced tea, making it versatile for any time of year.

size: 3oz
grind: Loose leaf